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The gloves are extremely soft and luxurious....
rb, Windsor, ON. Canada
Womens Shearling Sheepskin Winte...

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Russian Style Trooper Hats

Russian Hats are ideal for cold weather. Our Russian Ushanka style hats are offered in Mouton Sheepskin, Shearling Sheepskin, Rabbit Fur and other warm exotic furs. They all feature a wide body, flat top, extra long ear flaps and a wide front brim. Russian Ushanka hats are also known as Russian Ear Flap Hats. The ear flaps can be worn down for extra warmth and style or tied up at the top of the crown when not needed. We also offer Russian Cossack Hats in Mouton Sheepskin, Mink and Sheared Beaver Fur.

About our Trooper Hats

Russian fur flap hats are also known as Ushanka hats. A Ushanka is a Russian fur hat with ear flaps that can be tied up to the crown of the hat or tied at the chin to protect the ears from the cold. In the English-speaking world, it is sometimes referred to as a shapka. However, this usage is not accurate, but is rather a Russian language word meaning simply 'hat'. Ushanka literally translates as ear flaps hat.

Though Ushanka hats are a distinctly Russian hat, indeed, the stereotypical Russian is seen to wear one, the wearing of fur hats of similar design is common throughout China, North Korea, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is possible that Russians adopted this design from Mongols during the Middle Age Mongol invasion of Russia.

Recent Reviews About our Trooper Hats

Mouton Sheepskin Trooper Hat - Black
RCU from Honolulu hawaii
Mouton Sheepskin Trooper Hat - Black
February 25, 2015
"Arrived very quickly with expedited shipping! (This was a gift So I had it shipped to Minnesota) it's just as pictured -I ordered XL because he has A hard time finding hats that fit"
Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka Winter Hat - Black
Ron from Okanogan Washington USA
Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka Winter Hat - Black
February 3, 2015
"An easy-to-use site, my purchase arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The hat is great at keeping the cold out."
Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka Winter Hat - Brown
Gord from Winnipeg
Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka Winter Hat - Brown
December 11, 2014
"Great hat, well made, warm and finally found a xxl to fit my big head. Service was great. They notified me by email when shipped and gave me the link to track the shipment very cool. I'd highly recommend the product and this supplier. Thanks"
Black Faux Fur Russian Winter Hat
Aurelia from Canberra Australia
Black Faux Fur Russian Winter Hat
July 8, 2014
"My husband and grandson are so happy with the very warm hats as they have been fishing at the mountain lake the temperature was minus 7 dg Celsius Thank you"
Womens Faux Fur Russian Ushanka Hat - Buff
Meg from Pittsburg PA
Womens Faux Fur Russian Ushanka Hat - Buff
January 16, 2014
"very warm well made hat/ faux fur is very soft and expensive looking/the hat looks just like the picture of it on your website/it arrived very quickly with no hassles"

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