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Superior Quality Winter Outerwear - Winter Hats, Winter Gloves, Winter Scarves & Accessories

WinterStyle.com specializes in premium quality winter outerwear accessories. Find the seasons hottest winter fashion styles in winter hats, winter gloves and winter scarves for sale at wholesale prices. Our winter apparel products are made with the highest quality wool, leather, shearling sheepskin and fur. Many items are made in the USA and Canada.+ Read More...

Winter Hats

Find men's winter hats , women's winter hats and winter hats for kids. Buy mens winter hats in the latest styles for men and womens winter hats for the woman who appreciates style quality and warmth. For women you will find shearling sheepskin hats, fur hats, and a number of knit wool chullo hats, beanie hats and caps. For children we offer kids winter hats in aviator trapper hat styles, and coonskin cap styles. For the man who appreciates quality and fashion choose from Russian ushanka hats, Russian fur hats, Mad Bomber hats, trapper hats, aviator hats, fur hats, and classic fur lined ear flap hat styles. Made from materials like leather, mouton sheepskin, shearling sheepskin, wool, rabbit fur, and mink. These warm winter hats and caps are all ideal for cold weather and make a great fashion statement.

Winter Gloves & Mittens

To keep your hands warm we offer a great choice of men's and women's winter gloves and mittens. Our winter gloves category offers leather gloves, shearling gloves, shearling sheepskin mittens and more. We offer a wide range of styles suitable for cold weather. All are top quality for durability and warmth. The women's winter gloves category offers popular shearling sheepskin winter gloves, lambskin leather gloves, womens winter mittens and ladies gloves with fur trim or sheepskin trim and cashmere lining. Ideal for keeping your hand warm. For Men see our men's winter gloves category for a great selection of winter gloves including mens winter work gloves, Thinsulate gloves, shearling gloves, sheepskin winter mittens, and deerskin leather gloves.

Winter Scarves & Accessories

Warm winter scarves made from knit wool or fur are in high demand this winter. Visit the Winter Scarves category for a great selection of winter scarves. Or choose from one of our many stylish and warm fashion winter accessories including Winter Fur headbands made from fox fur, rex rabbit fur, or mink; Winter capes and wraps great for dressing up on cool evenings; and a wide selection of winter ear muffs in dozens of colors made from toscana sheepskin, rabbit fur, mink, or fox fur.


What our customers are saying

Mens Alaska Shearling Sheepskin Trapper Winter Hat
Manny from London, UK
Mens Alaska Shearling Sheepskin Trapper Winter Hat
February 27, 2016
"Excellent shopping experience. Item ordered from the UK Feb 15th and was delivered on Feb 18th. Three days from Canada to the UK!!! Amazing. Product was bought as a replacement for a well-loved one left on a train. Very happy with the replacement and will shop with Winterstyle again. Highly recommended."
Long Tibetan Lamb Fur Winter Scarf - Black
JT from Madera, Ca.
Long Tibetan Lamb Fur Winter Scarf - Black
November 17, 2015
"My scarf arrived yesterday"
Rabbit Fur Winter Ear Muffs with Leather Band - White
Christine from Greenfield,IN
Rabbit Fur Winter Ear Muffs with Leather Band - White
March 13, 2015
"I purchased the White Rabbit Fur Winter Ear Muffs with Leather Band as a Christmas present in 2014 for my sister Sue who resides in Chicago, IL. She was overjoyed when she opened her package when we talked on the phone remarking the quality was exceptional. Thank you for such a wonderful product which was well received in such a timely manner. Great Customer Service! Keep up the fantastic work. A very,very satisfied customer."
Mouton Sheepskin Trooper Hat - Black
RCU from Honolulu hawaii
Mouton Sheepskin Trooper Hat - Black
February 25, 2015
"Arrived very quickly with expedited shipping! (This was a gift So I had it shipped to Minnesota) it's just as pictured -I ordered XL because he has A hard time finding hats that fit"
Ultimate Shearling Sheepskin Aviator Trapper Winter Hat - Black
Paul from Manassas, Virginia
Ultimate Shearling Sheepskin Aviator Trapper Winter ...February 22, 2015
"First and foremost I was looking quality made warm hat. I have used this hat with the outside air temperature being 1 degree Fahrenheit and I will say my head stayed warm. This hat will keep your head so warm that you may need to take it off for a couple of minutes and then put it back on. I am very happy with this hat. I did think it was expensive when ordering it but now that I have it I would say this hat is worth every penny. The way they ask you to measure your head is dead on because I did it and my new hat fits perfect. The hat is made with all 100 percent quality products and I can tell this hat will be my go to hat for years to come. My shopping experience was great with this company and my hat was made and shipped to me from Canada. The hat only took six days from the day I ordered until the day I received it. I would purchase this hat again and I would say to anyone lingering whether they should purchase this hat to go ahead and do it."
Mouton Sheepskin & Leather Trapper Winter Hat - Black
Amilcar from VA, USA
Mouton Sheepskin & Leather Trapper Winter Hat - Black
February 14, 2015
"I am really happy with superb quality of materials used to craft this product. I have ordered this hat a couple of weeks ago to cope keep my head warm this winter. I would recommend this hat for anyone interested in having a high quality product that will be part of your winter wardrobe for many years to come."

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